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I am a Lecturer in the School of Environmental Sciences, specialising in a wide variety of catchment science research. I most recently worked on the DEFRA funded River Wensum Demonstration Test Catchment (DTC) project which aimed to evaluate the extent to which on-farm mitigation measures could cost effectively reduce the impact of agricultural pollution on river ecology whilst maintaining food production capacity. My research has included work on nitrogen and phosphorus enrichment, pesticides, biobeds, cover crops, reduced tillage regimes, indirect nitrous oxide emissions, invasive signal crayfish, integrated constructed wetlands and sediment fingerprinting. 

Prior to this, I spent two years working in the field of dendroclimatology, producing a 1000-year long reconstruction of East Anglian precipitation from the ring widths of both living oak trees and medieval wooden buildings. This reconstruction subsequently fed into a much larger European-wide drought atlas for the past millennium.   


2018 -          Lecturer in Catchment Science, School of Environmental Sciences, UEA 

2015-2018    Senior post-doctoral research associate, School of Environmental Sciences, UEA

2015             Assistant Conservation Officer, Norfolk Wildlife Trust  

2011-2015     PhD Catchment Science, School of Environmental Sciences, UEA & British Geological Survey

2007-2011     MSci Environmental Science, School of Environmental Sciences, UEA


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